Support Information for Mini MicroSD Reader for Android

Before You Buy

Will it work with my device?

Please check our list of compatible devices, tested and verified. Note: some non-official ROMs for certain compatible devices may not work.

Will it work with my device with a case on?

The 2nd and the 3rd generation of the mini reader is designed to work with cases that are less than 3mm thick -- most silicone/plastic/TPU/leather cases meet this criterion. For case thicker than 3mm, you would need to take it off to connect the reader unless there is an opening around the MicroUSB port of at least 21mmX8mm. Some rugged cases including many Otterbox cases are thicker than 2mm.

Does it or will it work with Nexus 4?

No. Nexus 4 doesn't have proper hardware support for USB-OTG, a hardware capability necessary to support any external USB devices for Android phones or tablets.

Will it work with my device if it is not listed in your official compatible device list?

Maybe. There are two technical requirements for our reader to work: USB-OTG support in hardware, USB Mass Storage support in software. You can consult the manual of your device or search the Internet to find out if your devices support both. However, there are some devices that claim to support both, but their USB ports do not supply enough power to satisfy the power requirement of a card reader device like ours. To our knowledge, many models of Sony Xperia phones are like that. Unfortunately we couldn't test all devices, thus we can't guarantee the compatibility of devices not tested and verified by us.

How to Format MicroSD Cards into Fat32

For cards of 64GB or later, they are formatted into exFat file system by default. However, many Android phones don't support cards formatted in exFat or other file systems (e.g. ntfs) other than Fat32. You can use one the following Windows applications to format your cards into Fat32 format:
Fat32Format GUI
Please see warning and disclaimer below.

Nexus Devices

Does it work with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9?

Yes. We have tested and verified that: (1) on a non-rooted Nexus 6/9, "Nexus Media Importer" can be used to read/view/write files using our reader; (2) on a rooted Nexus 6/9, StickMount can be used to mount an SD card using our reader for read/write access.

What Nexus devices are supported?

Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013), Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus.

Out-of-the-box Nexus Devices (not rooted)

You need a third-party App. You may use one of the following, available from Play Store: "Nexus Media Importer", "OTG Disk Explorer", "Total Commander" + "USB Stick Plugin".
More information on "Nexus Media Importer" is available at the following website:
Please follow the instructions of the App; except you don't need a USB-OTG cable -- you just plug-in this reader.
More information on "USB Stick Plugin" can be found at:

What you can do. You can use the App to, (1) view photo, play music and video files (need apps installed to play certain type of video files); (2) read/open many types of files with necessary Apps installed that can handle the specific file type (e.g., pdf document); (3) copy/move files between internal storage and external MicroSD card.

Limitations. You have to access the contents of the MicroSD card through "Nexus Media Importer" App -- e.g., you can't open or play any files on the card through a media player or file manager App directly.

Rooted Nexus Devices

Warning. Rooting your device may void the warranty of your phone or tablet and may cause irreparable damages to it. We don't encourage you to do that just to use this reader and can't and will not be held responsible for any damages if you choose to do so. Please see Disclaimer.

You will need a third-party App such as "StickMount" or "USB OTG Helper", and likely a "File Manager" App (plenty of free ones).

To support file systems such as exFat, ntfs, you need some extra software; please refer to the App for how to install that.

Motorola Devices

Moto G Running Android 4.3: Read-Only Access.
You don't need a paid Third Party App such as "Nexus Media Importer" to access external USB storage (including our card reader). However, you can only read/play files stored on external storage -- even if you use Apps such as "Nexus Media Importer". Root privilege is required to write to external USB storage.
Moto X Running Android 4.2: File Manager App.
It has been found that many file manager/explorer apps don't support write to external (Micro)SD card, using our reader or any other card reader products. We also found that "ES File Explorer" does support writing/copying files to external (Micro)SD card using our reader.
Moto X Running Android 4.2 and Moto G Running Android 4.3.
External SD Card Location. Navigate to "/storage/usbdisk_1.1.1/" in "ES File Explorer" App.

File System Support. Moto X, Moto G (and other Motorola Android phones) don't support exFAT or ntfs; make sure your card is formatted in Fat32 which all Motorola phones support.

Moto X, Moto G and Droid Mini/Ultra/Maxx Running Android 4.4
Android 4.4 KitKat update disables external USB storage access on both Moto X, Moto G and the Droid series (Mini, Ultra, Maxx). You now need to use a third party App to access the Meenova reader (or any other external card readers or USB sticks). Though now you don't need root privilege to write to USB storage on Moto G. We tested and verified the following options, all Apps available from Play Store:
  • Use App "Nexus Media Importer".
  • Use App "OTG Disk Explorer".
  • Use App "Total Commander" (free) and "USB Stick Plugin" (free and paid).
    1. Install both Apps.
    2. Plug-in the microSD card reader.
    3. Start up "Total Commander" and it will show "USB Stick Plugin" as an option.
    4. Select the "USB Stick Plugin".
Moto G Running 4.4.3 or 174.44.1 or 176.44.1 build of Android 4.4
The recent 174.44.1 build and 176.44.1 build of Android 4.4 update for Moto G re-enable external USB storage -- after installing the update, you no longer need the Apps listed above to use Meenova reader; you can access it directly from file manager Apps and other Apps. External USB storage is now located at "/storage/usbdisk".
Moto X Running Android 4.4.2, 4.4.4
External USB storage has been re-enabled in Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 -- after installing the update, you no longer need the Apps listed above to use Meenova reader; you can access media (photos/video/music) stored on the SD card directly through the build-in gallery App and other Apps such as Google Play Music (for music), or any files directly from file manager Apps and other Apps. External USB storage is now located at "/storage/usbdisk".

3D Printable CAD Files of the Cap for the Original Mini Reader

You can use one of the following files to print out a replacement cap using a 3D printer:
stl format, stp format, igs format.

Warning: due to its miniature size and very precise structure, most home use 3D printers will NOT produce usable caps; you need a professional grade or at least semi-professional grade 3D printer to produce caps that can actually fit your card reader.


Even though we are confident that in general it is safe to keep the MicroSD card inserted while carrying the reader attached to a keyring in your pocket and we have done extensive testing to verify that, it is possible for the MicroSD card to slip out of the reader while doing so. You assume all risks for carrying your MicroSD card that way, and we can't be held responsible for any lost MicroSD cards. Please don't carry your MicroSD card that way in your pocket if any of the following applies to you: (1) you don't feel the MicroSD card fits snugly while inserted; (2) you work in a rugged/tough environment and/or your work involves a lot of physical movement; (3) you really don't want or can't afford to lose your SD card.

An SD card can be formatted into one of the several different "File Systems", most Android device can only support a subset of these File Systems. When a card is attached via our reader (or any card reader) to a device and the card is formatted in a File System that is not supported by the said device, data corruption may occur and often does. If you have important data on your card, please make sure it is in a format supported by the device before you attach it to the device.


Meenova is not associated with any such software or App mentioned/recommended on this page or its developers or its owners. Any recommendation of such software or App is not an endorsement of the said software or App for any particular merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Such software and App is not covered by our Warranty policy. Refer to the licensing agreement accompanying the software or App for details of your rights with respect to its use. Meenova is not responsible for any damage or consequences arising from the use or misuse of such software or App.

It may void the manufacturer's warranty and may cause irreparable damages to a phone or tablet device if you "root it". We don't encourage or endorse such actions for any purposes. You take such actions at your own and assume all risks. Meenova is not responsible for any damage or consequences arising from such actions.