USB Type-C-to-MicroUSB OTG Cable

Unique USB Type-C-to-MicroUSB OTG Cable lets you,
  • Use external DAC with MicroUSB port for high-fidelity music playback on your smarphone/tablets/laptop/computers with USB Type-C port.
  • Connect digital camera with MicroUSB port to smarphone/tablet/computers with USB Type-C port to view/transfer pictures.
  • Connect portable hard drive (2.5") with MicroUSB port to Android smarphone/tablets/laptop/computers with USB Type-C port.
  • Use a smarphone/tablet/computer with USB Type-C port to charge mobile devices with MicroUSB port, such as Bluetooth headphones.
  • Premium high-quality cable featuring aluminum connector casings and braided Nylon cable sleeve.


  • Tough, yet flexible. These cables are subject to the most stringent tests -- they can sustain 5000+ times of bending without being damaged or suffering performance loss. High-quality material makes them tough yet still very flexible -- compare with other stiff alternatives.
  • Plays Nice with Cases. The compact USB Type-C connector and MicroUSB connector fits most case cutouts and thus are compatible with most cases.
  • Technical Specs

  • USB Type-C connector, USB Micro-B connector
  • Cable length: 15cm (6"), or 1.2m (4')
  • Color: black
  • Warranty

    2-year limited warranty

    Package Contents

  • (1) USB Type-C-to-MicroUSB OTG Cable
  • * Any other devices shown in illustrations are not included.