Mobility Cable: MicroUSB-to-MicroUSB OTG

MicroUSB-to-MicroUSB OTG cable lets you connect two devices with MicroUSB ports for charging and data transfer: two smartphones or tablets, tablet and phone, or a portable external hard drive/SSD and a phone or tablet.

One end of the cable is marked as "Host" which should be plugged into the "master" device which provides power to the other device.


This cable has MicroUSB connectors at both ends. Device connected to the "Host" end must support USB-OTG.

Connecting Portable External Drive

Low-power external hard drive or SSD drive with MicroUSB 3.0/2.0 port can be connected to a phone or tablet with USB-OTG capability for read/write access. The host device must have external USB storage support in software.

Connecting to Windows Tablet

Connecting a smartphone to a Windows tablet to charge the phone, transfer data between them or do USB tethering.

Technical Specs

  • MicroUSB type-B connector, MicroUSB type-B OTG connector
  • Cable length: 30cm (1 feet)
  • Warranty

    2-year limited warranty

    CE & RoHS compliant

    * Devices shown in illustrations are not included.