The Dash Family

MicroSD & SD card reader for smartphones, tablets and computers of all kinds. Expandable storage at its best.

Dash-i MicroSD Reader for iPhone/iPad

Add unlimited storage to your iPhone/iPad. Never run out of storage space for the precious family pictures.

The smallest expandable storage solution for iOS.

Apple MFi certified.

Dash-i Plus MicroSD Reader for iPhone/iPad

MicroSD card reader for iPhone/iPad with concurrent charging -- the first in expandable storage.

Apple MFi certified.

Dash Type-C

MicroSD card reader for Smartphone/Tablets/Computers with USB Type-C Ports, such as Google Pixel & Pixel XL, Nexus 6P/5X, HTC One M10, Moto Z.

One to rule them all.

Dash MicroUSB

MicroSD card reader for Smartphone/Tablets with MicroUSB Ports, works on computer via included USB-MicroUSB adapter.

For phones such as Galaxy S7/6/5/4/3 & variants, Note 5/4/3/2, Moto X/G, LG G4/G3, HTC One (M7/8/9), Nexus 5/6/7/9, among others.

Dash FS

A full-size SD card reader for the pros.

Works on all types of devices: smartphone/tablets with MicroUSB or USB Type-C ports, and computers with regular USB-A or USB-C ports.

Read/write SD cards up to a blazing fast of 95MB/s.