Support Information for Dash Micro Reader Type-C

Before You Buy

Will it work with my device?

We have tested and verified that Dash Micro Reader Type-C works with all type-C devices that we can find, except for One Plus 2.

Incompatible: One Plus 2 -- its type-C port is not standard-compliant. For One Plus 2, we recommend to use our Dash Micro reader with MicroUSB plug together with their official Type-C-to-MicroUSB adapter.

Will it work with my device with a case on?

Dash Micro readers have been designed to work with cases that are less than 3mm thick -- most silicone/plastic/TPU/leather cases meet this criterion. For case thicker than 3mm, you would need to take it off to connect the reader unless there is an opening around the Type-C port of at least 20mmX6.5mm. Some rugged cases including many Otterbox cases are thicker than 3mm.

How to Format MicroSD Cards into Fat32

A card is formatted into a certain format (i.e., file system) for it to be used. The most widely used and support "file system" for SD cards are Fat32. However, for cards of 64GB or larger, they are formatted into exFat file system by default. Unfortunately, many Android phones don't support cards formatted in exFat or other file systems (e.g. ntfs) other than Fat32. You can use one the following Windows applications to format your cards into Fat32 format:
Fat32Format GUI
Please see warning and disclaimer below.

Nexus Devices: Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel C

Built-in Support

Nexus devices with Type-C port have built-in support for external USB storage such as our Dash Micro Reader Type-C.

Limitations of built-in support: (1) only Fat32 file system is supported; (2) Apps can't access files stored on external USB storage directly; you can only open files (and copy/move etc.) via the built-in external USB storage Explorer App.
Note: these are limitations of Nexus' built-in software, not limitations of our Dash Reader.

Alternative: Nexus Media Importer

A third-party App, "Nexus Media Importer" also provides access to external USB storage, including support for exFat file system. You can find the App on Google Play Store, and more information is available at:


An SD card can be formatted into one of the several different "File Systems", most Android device can only support a subset of these File Systems. When a card is attached via our reader (or any card reader) to a device and the card is formatted in a File System that is not supported by the said device, data corruption may occur and often does. If you have important data on your card, please make sure it is in a format supported by the device before you attach it to the device.


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